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    The company integrates research and development of fiber, weaving of elastic fiber, environmentally-friendly dyeing, manufacturing of polymer film, functional composite material, costume design, garment production, etc. It provides high-quality products and fast, effective, and friendly services for clothes of famous brands.
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    Nantong Dongyi High-tech Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Nantong Hai'an Textile Technology Park, with an investment of 500 million yuan. It covers an area of 116000 square meters, a building area of 120000 square meters, and an annual production capacity of 80 million meters of high-quality functional clothing fabrics.

    The company has successively won the honors of director unit of China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association, exemplary organization of China's scientific and technological innovation, director unit of China Filament Weaving Association, advanced enterprise of quality management, high-tech enterprise of Jiangsu Province, private scientific and technological enterprise of Jiangsu Province, etc. And has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, and has obtained Oeko Tex Standard 100 and GRS environmental regeneration certification. Currently, it has more than 30 patented technologies.

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    Our company integrates hightech fiber research and development, superfine fiber weaving, green environmental protection dyeing and finishing, polymer film manufacturing, functional composite, fashion clothing design clothing, clothing production, etc., focusing on providing overall solutions for highquality clothing customers.

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    • Cotton-feeling Fabrics
    • High-quality elastic Fabrics
    • Superfine & soft Fabrics
    • Specific-functional Fabrics
    • Fashion pants Fabrics
    • Knitted Fabrics
    • Down-proof Fabrics
    • Eco certificated Fabrics
    • Spandex-free Elastic Fabrics
    • Light outdoor functional Fabrics
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    Sophisticated production equipments, scientific production processes, and a strict quality management system are the basis for us to constantly improve customer satisfaction.
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     Dongyi Technology | 2021 ? China Textile Elite Hiking Summit Around Qinghai Lake Strongly Speaks Out
    Dongyi Technology | 2021 ? China Textile Elite Hiking Summit Around Qinghai Lake Strongly Speaks Out
     On June 24, 2021, under the guidance of the China Textile Information Center, the 2021 China Textile and Clothing Cooperation and Development Forum and the Taijishi 2021 China Textile Elite Hiking Summit around Qinghai Lake were successfully opened by the Qinghai Lake.     After an extraordinary year of 2020, the outbreak of the epidemic has accelerated the development and evolution of the world pattern, and global economic and trade cooperation has undergone a structural transformation. China's economic development is about to enter a new historical window period, and the textile industry still needs to make deep adjustments to face the increasing global uncertainty and instability.   At this summit, more than 150 textile industry elites gathered in Qinghai Lake, standing at a new starting point in history and looking forward to new directions for development. As the organizer of this series of events, the China Textile Outdoor Sports Alliance has carefully prepared and organized this forum and summit, fully showcasing the value of "integration, innovation, beneficial practice, and transcendence", and promoting industry development and progress.     Explore value innovation, Seize the opportunity to build a new industrial pattern   As an important component of the summit, the 2021 China Textile and Clothing Cooperation and Development Forum is themed with "Change and Renewal". In the context of dual cycle development, the domestic and international textile industry environment is becoming increasingly complex and competitive. The organizers invite enterprises from various links of the textile and clothing industry chain, such as raw materials, fabrics, accessories, processing factories, clothing brands, IP providers, and consulting agencies, to gather together. They will share and discuss industry changes, industry collaboration, brand construction, and growth restructuring, which will also provide new opportunities and vitality to the industry.   Standing at the new starting point of the 14th Five Year Plan and facing the new situation, the textile industry must base itself on the new goals of China's modernization development, adapt to the new pattern of dual circulation with domestic circulation as the main body, consolidate internal skills, bid farewell to the extensive external economy, and reconstruct growth with a confident and resolute attitude, in order to jointly welcome the transformation and rebirth under the new development pattern of dual circulation.     Li Bo, Deputy Director of China Textile Information Center, delivered a speech on behalf of the guiding and hosting units. Director Li Bo welcomed the guests and friends who attended the summit, and also expressed gratitude to the eleven enterprises that participated in public welfare donations.   In the speech, it was mentioned that the "Textile and Clothing Cooperation Development Forum, Textile Elite Hiking Summit, and Textile Elite Public Welfare Tour" series of activities will build an efficient communication platform for upstream and downstream enterprises in the textile and clothing supply chain, create a good atmosphere for textile colleagues to experience and learn from each other, and realize the great dream of textile entrepreneurs to shoulder their responsibilities and repay society. Finally, Director Li Bo also wished the forum, summit, and public welfare trip a complete success.     Fu Guangwei, Chairman of the China Textile Engineering Society, mentioned in his keynote speech titled "New Ideas and Paths for Cooperation in the Textile and Clothing Industry in Complex Environments" After the outbreak of the epidemic, the Chinese textile industry is no longer a stage of linear growth with thousands of horses galloping. We need to unite and establish a community of shared interests and values guided by demand and market. We need to build an invincible team with scientific strategic thinking, select talents with dual standards of ability and responsibility, and rely on talents, cultivate talents, and empower them with responsibility and power to build an invincible team   Starting from the brand's original intention, Innovation, creation, and revitalization of enterprises Zhang Zirui, Chairman of Kunshan Huayang New Materials Co., Ltd., as a textile worker who grew up in Qinghai, combined his own growth experience and entrepreneurial journey, and started from the Buddhist understanding of "benefiting oneself and others", shared with everyone the happy management path of entrepreneurs. Adhering to the concept of thinking from the perspective of others, he rooted in the research and development of functional fabrics, and called on textile workers to be someone who empowers products, humanity, and contributes to society.     Meng Qingju, General Manager of Marketing Department of Kunshan Huayang New Materials Co., Ltd., conducted a systematic analysis of the current situation and trends of the entire down jacket industry in his speech on "down jacket" - insight into the down jacket industry. In summary, "down jackets have become more lightweight, with a sense of design, and personalized elements are constantly improving, in order to adapt to various life scenarios such as commuting, business, leisure, and travel     The Hiking Summit around Qinghai Lake, Exhibition of Textile Elite's Vitality and New Style  On June 25th, by the Qinghai Lake, the light weight hiking activity officially set sail, with over 150 textile elites holding their heads high, challenging a 2-day and 58-kilometer journey.     As the largest inland lake in China, Qinghai Lake is also known as the "Cuowen Bu", also known as the "blue sea" in Tibetan. At the end of June, Qinghai Lake is also the most beautiful season of the year, with golden rapeseed flowers blooming everywhere, and patches of golden yellow inlaid on the blue shores of Qinghai Lake, like a fairy tale.   Of course, the hiking challenges behind the bustling scenery cannot be underestimated. On the first day, the journey from the east gate of Qinghai Lake to Erlangjian Scenic Area was nearly 32 kilometers, and on the second day, the high altitude journey from Heimahe to Garila Temple was nearly 26 kilometers, which was also a challenge for everyone. However, this is also a manifestation of the textile elites' life attitude and industry spirit of challenging themselves, persevering, striving upwards, and constantly surpassing.   The successful hosting of the summit cannot be separated from the careful planning and preparation of all parties. The "Taijishi · 2021 China Textile Elite Hiking Summit Around Qinghai Lake" is guided by the China Textile Information Center, hosted by the China Textile Outdoor Sports Alliance, named by Taijishi Co., Ltd., exclusively sponsored by Jeep Outdoor, and jointly initiated by Kunshan Huayang, Shanghai Guangjie Clothing, Nantong Dongyi, Hebei Ningfang Group, and Shengyicheng Graphene Technology, We have received strong support from companies such as Shanghai Yongqi Fashion, Shandong Lianrun, Kangkang New Materials, Liansheng Textile, Chima Zipper, Fuming Button, Yuncai Textile, Klesco, Oriental Silk Market Xianglong Composite Factory, and Weicheng Clothing Accessories.     Looking forward to the fifth anniversary of our reunion, Textile workers join hands to start again Since 2018, whether it is the endless yellow sand in the Dunhuang Gobi, the vast and boundless Hulunbuir Grassland, or the complex and ever-changing Zhangye Canyon, under the guidance of the China Textile Information Center, the China Textile Outdoor Sports Alliance has led textile workers to leave a series of solid footprints in the beautiful rivers and mountains of our country, shedding sweat and gaining friendship in the challenges of outdoor sports.   The successful holding of Taiji Stone 2021 China Textile Elite Hiking Summit around Qinghai Lake not only provides an opportunity for communication and exchange among upstream and downstream textile and clothing enterprises, but also creates a platform for resource exchange across the industry with the concept of "integration". With the awareness of "innovation", the spiritual core of textile people's "responsibility, inheritance, and perseverance" is conveyed, and gratitude is given back to society with a "beneficial" heart, and the pursuit of "surpassing" challenges the limit, Enhance brand value and communication.     Textile elites from all over the world spread the responsibility and responsibility of textile workers to society through public welfare activities; By challenging around the lake, we aim to convey to the industry the attitude of textile elites who constantly challenge and surpass themselves in life; Through industry forums, experience the industry synergy in industry change and the growth and reconstruction in brand building, and embrace unprecedented changes and challenges with a confident and courageous new attitude.
    Nantong Dongyi High-tech Fiber Technology Project is fully put into operation
    Nantong Dongyi High-tech Fiber Technology Project is fully put into operation
    Introduction     On March 27th, the ribbon cutting ceremony for the comprehensive production of Nantong Dongyi High tech fiber in our district was successfully held. Chen Zhihua, President of the China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association, Zhang Yonghua, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Secretary of the District Party Working Committee, Li Bo, Deputy Director of the China Textile Information Center, and Zhong Yuejun, Member of the District Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee, attended the event.     Zhang Yonghua delivered a speech. He believes that in recent years, Dongyi has vigorously implemented the innovation driven high-quality development strategy and implemented a series of "intelligent transformation and digital transformation" projects, shining with the vitality of innovation and upgrading. It has become a national high-tech enterprise and is the first to be approved as a provincial-level "specialized, refined, and innovative" enterprise in Chang'an Textile Science and Technology Park. The comprehensive completion and operation of Dongyi High tech Fiber Technology Project is a strong witness to Dongyi's innovation and transformation, and a strong example of the iterative upgrading of Chang'an Textile Technology Park.     He stated that Hai'an Development Zone will adhere to the concept of "pro business, safe business, and prosperous business", achieve "more convenient approval services, more efficient policy implementation, and more secure development environment", and strive to create a business environment that allows entrepreneurs to "like fish in water, like birds returning to the forest". We will make every effort to create the best soil for investors to invest and start businesses, and allow investors to ride the aircraft carrier of the development zone's "hundreds of billions of industries" to passionately start businesses, and move steadily towards the vast ocean of wealth creation.     He hopes that Nantong Dongyi High tech Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. will take the lead in the new round of low-carbon transformation and innovation upgrading with the entrepreneurial spirit of "taking the lead even further", achieve high-energy leaps, high-level growth, and high-quality development in the "industrial revitalization and spatial reconstruction", and "stand tall in the East" in the modernization construction of the "hub Hai'an, Science and Technology Innovation New City"!     Chen Zhihua, on behalf of the China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association, warmly congratulates Dongyi on its comprehensive and smooth production. He stated that Dongyi adheres to the development philosophy of "green factory" and "intelligent factory", pays attention to industry university research cooperation and technology research and development investment. Many of Dongyi's fabrics have been rated as "excellent fabrics in the Chinese printing and dyeing industry", and their product quality has been highly recognized by the market and industry. The rooftop solar power station established by the enterprise with a dedicated investment of 25 million yuan, with the goal of reducing pollution, reducing carbon emissions, and enhancing efficiency as the overall focus of the pollution prevention and control battle, and promoting the green and low-carbon transformation of the industry, has set an example for green development in the printing and dyeing industry, and has made contributions to accelerating the construction of a green and low-carbon circular development industrial system.   Zhang Zirui, Chairman of Nantong Dongyi High tech Fiber Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a thank-you speech. Leaders and guests jointly cut the ribbon for the full production of Nantong Dongyi. It is understood that Nantong Dongyi settled in Hai'an Development Zone in 2014, and the first phase of the printing and dyeing precision processing production project was put into operation in 2018. The second phase of the project started construction in 2020, and has now been fully completed and put into operation. It is expected that all of them will reach production in the next three to five years. By then, various functional fabrics of over 90 million meters can be produced annually, with an annual output value of 1.6-2 billion yuan.
    Spotlight | Intertextile 2018 Expo Dongyi Fabric Exhibition
    Spotlight | Intertextile 2018 Expo Dongyi Fabric Exhibition
     ”The Expo intertextile "was first held in 1995 and is the world's largest, highest level, widely covered exhibition, with the largest number of exhibitors and professional visitors, and the most ideal trading effect. It is also the most influential exhibition of textile surface accessories.  The Intertextile (Autumn and Winter) Expo is starting! Do you know? Welcome to Nantong Dongyi. Our company continues the high popularity year of the exhibition in March, and the Intertextile (Autumn and Winter) Expo continues to have high popularity in the second half of the year. Let's take a look at the scene.    Hot scene    The customer was warmly received        

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